Sunday, August 30, 2009


When I first caught wind of the show Tiny and Toya I was curious to know what on earth could they possibly do a reality television show about. After watching the first show I was just thinking it was kinda bland. As always I found myself tuning in that following Tuesday for another does of "Reality" television with the duo. And it become one of my t.v. show line ups. Overall I ended up liking the show. I liked how Tiny started to spread her wings and make things happen for herself in the music industry. Starting two new girl groups and putting her heart into it. It was obvious that's her passion. I love T.I. and his music, but it seemed as though he surpressed that part of her. And him going off to prison allowed her more freedom to explore new avenues. Toya ended up growing a bit when it came to her family and letting go of the whole Lil Wayne thing. Toya saw that she couldn't mold her mother into what she wanted. She learned to let her mother go and do whatever it was that her heart desired. Toya has a great relationship with her daughter and that's most important. Toya fills in a lot of voids that she didn't have growing up with her daughter. Which is wonderful. Part of being a parent is to try and make better and give your child a better upbringing and future and that I did notice is what Toya does. The show Tiny and Toya brought in a record breaking BET audience viewers. There was an average of 1.8 million viewers. That was more than any other BET original series which was great. So now I guess we look forward to seeing maybe, hopefully another season of the show. Along with Tiny's two girl groups and Toya's book which isn't a tell all as she stated on the show.

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