Friday, March 26, 2010


3/21 – 4/19
All your relationships will take on an extremely interesting tone right now -- a very passionate one. That goes for the person you share your home with, each and every coworker and even the person who sits next to you on the bus. You're putting out some extremely magnetic energy, and everyone around you will feel it. Just be sure not to lavish it on someone you're not really interested in. This stuff is potent.

Hmmm Aries, seems like you're getting a bit social. Opening up and allowing others in your circle. Don't want to lay it on too thick. It would be hard trying to swat all those people away. Do ya thing Aries. It's your time to shine. Let em know what you are about.


A few months ago on my web surfing I ran across a story that talked about Brandy Norwood (Moesha) starting a new rap career. Well of course I had my reserves and chuckled when glancing over the story. Well I did my little homework and found a piece of her work. I'm actually feeling the whole rap thing for Brandy. I like her singing, but rap seems to also be something she is good at doing. She's not all hood and rough. It's done in her own taste and style. What made me post this particular blog was the Wendy Williams show this morning. Wendy mentioned Brandy and her family coming to her show sometime next week. Wendy also mentioned Brandy's rap career. Letting the live audience know of Brandy's alter ego Brand Nu. A few audience members spoke on Brandy and the new rap career and were not positive. One even confessed they never heard her rap. Well to you I say, before you being to judge or speak please do your research. It sounds funny since we are all used to her singing, but Brandy has some rap skills and working with Timberland, it will only get better. Take a look at this clip from her in the House of Blues a few months ago doing a live performance with Timberland.


I was web surfing the a few weeks ago and ran across a nice clip from some of Diggy's work. I didn't know what to expect before listening to it. I figured by the judge of the show Run's House, that Diggy was the more likely kid to possess the true art of music and rap in him. Once taking a listen to his rap, I was very impressed. Not only does he have a sick fashion sense, but this young man can spit. So smooth and fresh! Something that is truly missing. It's obvious he's writing his own work and has confidence through the roof....Diggy was signed to the Atlantic record label earlier this week! Way to go Diggy. I can't continue to go on and on you all just take a look and tell me what you think....(Remember to mute the music on the page).

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, from talk going on it seems as though the Obama camp have come up and agreed to a Health care bill. This to me is an upset. I am in fact did vote for Obama. We all know politics are very messy. I describe it as voting for the lesser of the two evils.
To me this Health care bill is just evil, and a slap in the face to all who are in the struggle with unemployment and work on low wage jobs. Even for those that seem to make a decent amount of money, but really struggle with keeping up with the monthly bills. How dare they come up with a bill for Health care and the MAJOR issue is left undone. And we all know the MAJOR issue...and that is UNEMPLOYMENT! First off, forcing people to get this expensive ass health care is just another tactic to keep their kind a float. Robbing the poor to give to the rich. Those who can't afford it will be hit with late penalties of all sorts. Which is completely unfair, unjust, and inhumane. How can lawmakers wake up every morning knowing the brutal beating they're placing on a majority of the country? Implementing laws that are ass backwards and rules that make no sense. Where is the relief for the unemployed? They should do some back tracking and strike out that bill for now. Get unemployment under control and then let's talk about health care.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am a random Youtube watcher. And came across this video. This is a GREAT example as to why our kids...(not mine of course)...but most kids are as wild, mislead, and unruley. Parents are not being responsible and teaching their kids how to be a child and stay in a child's place. This video is not meant to be funny by any means. This is to open your eyes. Lead by example. Teach a child something educational and leave out the dramatics and ignorant talk.


Aquarius Jan. 20 - Feb 18

Being yourself and sticking with your own rhythms is the key to effectiveness and advancement today, Aquarius. Although you may be confronted with challenging situations or people, this represents something that has been going on, and that you know how to handle. There is an opportunity period this afternoon and evening that will help you get a lot done, unless you spend time worrying about whether or not you will get the support you need. You will, and much to your surprise, it comes from within you. Let today be a happy day.
I'm really not big on horoscopes as I think I've mentioned once before, but a lot of people are. And sometimes I find humor in reading horoscopes over. I wonder who actually sits up and post these things? And where do they find their information from?
I just so happen to be a lovely Aquarius..and today this horoscope would be kinda right. I mean I did break my procrastination spell and actually took the time to compose a few blog postings. I slayed it with my good ole will power to do better. Tadaaaaaaaaaa here I am LOL.


This starts the blog off just right! I am back and word of the week best describes the new era of my life that I am trying to build upon.....


The word of the week is defenestrate. Out with the old in with the new. Winter has gone and Spring is here! All of the winter wear you can now defenestrate. And now I can defenestrate my procrastination. I have been saying for a long time now that I was going to get back to my writing and blog posting. Writing is what I enjoy most. It's really my passion. And tonight I toss out the procrastination. I am committed to making my writing more of a priority in my life. To continue with my blog posting will only build my skills. I have a lot to say and is highly opinionated. A great debate gets me going. So stay tuned ladies and gents. Rhythmicology101 is back and is here to stay. Now to you I direct this...use the word of the week with your normal conversations, and also think of that thing or those things that you need to dispose of??