Sunday, August 30, 2009

Serena Williams News

Look who we have here, it's the lovely Ms. Serena Williams. The newly portion owner of the Miami Dolphins recently sat down with PEOPLE and talked about her memoir "One The Line". Serena talks about her life, her body image, and the love she has for her sisters. Like all women Serena also have some body image issues that she battles with. She mentions that sometimes she feels as though she wants to lose her inner thighs and that her arms are too thick and muscular. I think we can all agree that sometimes we don't always feel one hundred percent, but you have to work with what you have. Ms. Williams says that she does sometime go up and down in weight, but what is most important is that she is healthy and feels good. And overall I couldn't agree more. You have to embrace every part of you in and out. We are all beautiful in our own special and unique ways. Pose for the cameras ladies it's time to love the YOU that you are.

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