Friday, March 26, 2010


A few months ago on my web surfing I ran across a story that talked about Brandy Norwood (Moesha) starting a new rap career. Well of course I had my reserves and chuckled when glancing over the story. Well I did my little homework and found a piece of her work. I'm actually feeling the whole rap thing for Brandy. I like her singing, but rap seems to also be something she is good at doing. She's not all hood and rough. It's done in her own taste and style. What made me post this particular blog was the Wendy Williams show this morning. Wendy mentioned Brandy and her family coming to her show sometime next week. Wendy also mentioned Brandy's rap career. Letting the live audience know of Brandy's alter ego Brand Nu. A few audience members spoke on Brandy and the new rap career and were not positive. One even confessed they never heard her rap. Well to you I say, before you being to judge or speak please do your research. It sounds funny since we are all used to her singing, but Brandy has some rap skills and working with Timberland, it will only get better. Take a look at this clip from her in the House of Blues a few months ago doing a live performance with Timberland.

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