Saturday, November 14, 2009


Anxious I was to finally hear something from Rihanna's new album titled Rated in Rated Rihanna. Not restricted, as she told some German talk show host. I was expecting to hear something fast and upbeat, a club banger if you will. When I saw this video, I felt as though I was taken to a dark place of her own personal thoughts. Judging from the interview that she did, this video describes a lot of the things Rihanna talked about. She and Chris she said, had an obsession with each other. I have conflicted thoughts though. In the interview she talked about wanting to take a stand against domestic violence, because she had so many young fans. Then this video comes out..and it's dark and in the end something tragic happens. The only way I can sum this up is to be realistic. We can all judge her and say whatever we want. Fact remains, Rihanna is in the entertainment business, and none of us will or are capable of supporting her in any way. She does what she has to do to make things work for her. Reading some of the reviews people are mixed. Some are calling her crazy, scary, dark, goth, confused, and others completely adore her and her work. I say do what makes you happy and money. They say sometimes the cost of fame isn't worth all it entails, but hey who are we, but the people that support whatever they put out. Watch, enjoy, or not. Let me know what you thinking.



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