Sunday, November 15, 2009


I actually just ran across this story this morning. The world is so wicked and a lot of times the news just make me disconnect from the world that is filled with hate and people doing unimaginable things to innocent kids. It's really sicken.
Mario Andrette McNeill has admitted to kidnapping this five year old little girl. From my understanding Shaniya was reported missing on early Tuesday morning from her trailer park home. I don't want to go into great detail, because it's just sad that people are so evil.
I'm not sure of all the reports and history surrounding this kidnapping case, but something isn't clean in the milk. By that I mean, the little girl was taken out of her own home, without a trace of forced entry. Her blanket was found outside in a neighbors trash can. This sounds like an inside job to me. Based on other remarks from readers, it seems as though there had been custody issues surrounding Shaniya.
I am saying all of this to say, that parents that neglect to protect their kids to the fullest extent whether it's as simple as securing your home with extra locks on the door, making sure all windows are locked and are unable to be opened, checking on your child before you lay down to go to sleep. These parents and guardians that fail their kids security, to me are just as guilty as the people that commit the crime itself. They should get the same if not worse of a punishment, and not sympathy from others. And also to say, the people that are kidnapping these kids seem to all follow the same pattern. They at some point have a criminal history with kids being their target. Whether it's child abuse or being a sexual predator. I don't understand how these dangerous people are allowed to fall by the waist said and is forgotten about when they don't show up to register annually. Or Probation Officers aren't reporting thoroughly and making sure that they are where they are supposed to be at all times. There should be a new law put into action. When a registered offender disappears(prior to and after), kids go missing, that their place of residence is to be thoroughly searched. Most of the time, it seems as though the kids are found in the exact or in close range of where they reside. And a lot of kids could be saved with this method in place. The law makers, make and break their own laws, with no one ruling over them. Instead of making bullshit laws to protect people of a different sexual background, that already have human rights; let's take a stand and put into action laws to protect our children. I am going to seriously look into ways that I can make this change.
I am a mother of a three years old little girl, and I be damned if anything happens to my child. This is just total chaos and can be prevented in so many ways. I hate to hear about things of this nature, but it's reality. We are being failed and so are our children. Take a stand against these horrible crimes. Tears cannot make things go away, but action can.

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  1. This is from about 3 weeks ago I believe! I just want to KILL that gut who took her! Sick ass bastard! They showe him carrying her in a hotel! Nasty ass animal! I hope the tear him apart in jail!