Thursday, September 3, 2009

ZoDIaCs WiTh A tWIsT


12/22 – 1/19

You've never been shy, no matter what the subject or where you happen to be when it's broached. You won't be shy now, but if you start to feel a bit of it coming on, remind yourself that if anyone has the right to be confident, it's you -- especially since you've been so diligent and hardworking for so long. Relax. Let the rest of the world worry about your feelings for a change.

Hop up out the bedddddddddd turn ya swag onnnnnnnnnn. In the words of Soulja Boy Tell Em..Is the Tell Em part actually necessary?? Anyway seems as though all you Capricorns out there are having and alter ego moment today. Not giving a damn about others and letting them worry about you. It's nothing like getting your Swagsurfing on. Pop ya collar. Do you homies.

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