Sunday, August 23, 2009


8/23 – 9/22

Your best self is currently on display and drawing plenty of admirers, so make sure you're not inadvertently pushing them away by donning a cool facade. The time is ripe to work out the finer details in terms of negotiations of contracts at work, especially if you have a partner that you usually work with. In fact, any interactions and relationships with others are highlighted right now, so make the most of these easy influences regarding them.
"YOU GOTTA USE WHAT YOU GOT TO GET WHAT YOU WANT."-RHYTHMIC A lot of other people might say that as well, but it's something I incorporate in my daily life. So for all the Virgos out there take heed. Right about now you might feel all flirty, use that to your advantage. Smile at the waiter. Flirt with the hostess. Slide your number to the right to the right. Have him buy you a drink with ya charm. LOL. As far as the work place goes, you know knowledge is power. Don't wanna get you in trouble for turning up the sexy on your boss. LOL. Put yourself out there. Dress to impress (on a professional level), allow your knowledge about what you do show. Make your presence known. Don't fade into the background. Step it up!!!

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