Wednesday, August 19, 2009

R. Kelly is Back

WOOOO WOOOOOOO R. Kelly is back and with a hot duet with none other than Ms. Kerri baby!!! I'm so excited that Kells has made a big come back. As we all know he had been going through some things with that last CD. Only single we were able to enjoy was Ima' Flirt. Glad he made it through the storm. Now that it's all over Kells has now released the hot video above. I love it!!! Both he and Keri look all so fabulous. Rockin a new low hair cut brings out the R&B swagga that we've come to love. And Keri..shes just stunning as well all know. Always on point. R. Kelly is due to drop his hot album in mid October along with a tour. He recently had a listening party at his home. R. Kelly says that he has done his homework on this one. He has tested the music at parties he has thrown at his own home. I'm excited for the new album and anxious to hear it. I've always been an R. Kelly fan. So for now pause or mute the playlist below and enjoy.

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