Friday, September 11, 2009


I have grown to become an Atlanta Housewives watcher. There are a lot different from most of the other episodes I've seen of other housewives. It's just something tacky about two or three of them at any given time. Specifically Nene, Sheree', and Kim. Although I like Kim for fashionable reasons, it seems as though she can't hold her own on the show. She stood up to the where the hell is SHE by Her..LOL also known as SHE by Sheree' on the Ellen show. Nene, Lisa, and Candi were extremely quiet for the battle of the housewives. It was really quite embarrassing and really non classy like for the ladies, who claim to be soooooo CLASSY. The only two that actually know how to conduct themselves is Lisa and Candy. The other three need lessons and a dictionary of the meaning. Just take a look and you all tell me what you think.

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