Thursday, September 3, 2009


Alright, it has been about a week since I have posted a discussion of the week. This seems to be a subject I always find myself running into often. I'm always told how beautiful I am or attractive. Which I always make sure to say thank you. (LOL mama taught me good manners). The question I bring to you all is, WHAT DO YOU FIND BEAUTIFUL IN A WOMAN? This goes beyond the surface. Dig deep into your minds. There are many things that attribute to a woman being beautiful. More than the outfit she's wearing. Or the shape of her body. You know, all that physical stuff.
What makes a woman beautiful to me is her intellect. Having good conversation skills can take you a long way. When sitting down and talking it makes things more personal and you learn a lot more about who she is. Knowing a woman isn't just all glam, or beauty on the inside and mush for brains on the inside is always a plus. You can have a conversation about just about anything. And we all know that most of us women including myself love to talk. LOL

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