Wednesday, August 26, 2009



5/21 – 6/21

All that peace, quiet and privacy was nice while it lasted, and you needed it -- but you're on a different page now. You're ready for some excitement, and even though you know you have to get up tomorrow, you really won't care how late you have to stay up to have some excitement. It's a good thing you're well rested, too, because you'll definitely connect with at least one someone who'll help you find what you're after: adrenaline.

Alright Gems, you've been vibing and chilling out in your own space. And now you're seeking some adventures. Well, the summer is still here. Get out and find some good trouble to get into. Whether it's shopping or a nice sit down breakfast, lunch, or dinner with friends or your beau. Live a lot of bit (and yes, I said lot a bit) LOL. That's what life is all about enjoying all the good times and learning from the not so good. Waking up to live another day. I'm all for it have some fun!!!

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