Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm sitting up at what is 2:29am on the east coast trying to figure out what I wanted my first blog to be about. After throwing out the question to a wonderful online friend of mine (Smile)...and then pondering through my new issue of Cosmo...and then getting a text message I've come up with this....
I know I know...in these times this is a question that makes you go hmmmm. With being so busy and all have you or do at for this matter know what kind of man or woman that is your type??? Give it some thought and tell me what is your type. It would only be fair if I answered the question first right???
Ok my type of man...
For me I don't have a particular "type" of man in mind. I tend to find myself intrigued by men who are greatly confident. A man that's already well put together in the self esteem department is a plus for me. A man that I have to lift and stroke his ego on the regular stand not a chance and will be neglected LOL . That's just annoying and besides I have a three yr old to raise. She's the only one that needs tha BIG GURL chant. LOL. I don't have any pets besides a fish and not even Nemo needs to be stroked. I also like a man that's supportive of his woman. In the sense of not only financially (say what you wanna..but umm ain't no romance without finance), but when it comes to me making decisions have my back. Let me know something don't turn ya head and flip to CNN or the ESPN. Tell me if I'm jumping the gun or what I'm talking is something good. Being supportive is important in a relationship. Overall though I like a man that I can relate with and like on more than just one level. Catch my attention and don't let go. You know what they say LESS IS MORE and I must say that holds true for me.

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