Monday, August 31, 2009


We met under the right situation and circumstances.
You took me under your wings and nursed me into a better
me. More spunk, full of life, and confidence like none before.
Placing me above all making me the brightest star shining. A
feeling of happiness on a greater scale.
...But now...
I'm having second thoughts about our future ahead. The
future I envision for me is just as bring as the past.
The goals I have mapped out for myself are like
none other. Sometimes I get off track and lose
concentration. Allowing my world to be consumed
of yours and your happiness. Compared to my future
your future doesn't include me, and that I can't have.
I deserve ultimate happiness and all undivided attention
on me. I'm not saying that I don't care. I'm not saying you
won't be missed,but it's obvious our relationship is near
it's last trip. I will love you always and remember all that
we've shared, but at this point I'm moving ahead. I always
say see you later, but never good-bye. We'll cross paths some
way some how. So now I close this chapter. It's going to be hard
not to look back. I can say nothing more, but P.S. Good-bye

This is my own personal poem that I wrote on my own. Enjoy, but remember
there is no plagiarizing

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  1. wow this is so similar to a situation im going through right about now...but i know i am not even supposed to be feeling that way but unfortunately I do.... I feel you on that one girl.