Monday, August 17, 2009


Like OMG can you guess who this is????? Tired of wondering's Jamie Foxx! Now ummm I was feeling how handsome and talented he is, but DAMN!!! Browsing my normal sites I ran across this juicy bit of gossip. This photo was leaked on Mediatakeout yesterday. One site is bashing Mr. Foxx for taking the pic in such a mess of a bathroom, but come on hell he's Rich Bitch LOL the bathroom looks cleaner than most that I've seen snapped on the net. And hell he might be waiting for the maids to come in and get the laundry and tidy things up. It's being reported that Mediatakeout received a nasty letter from Mr. Blame it on the alcohol Singer. Stating that the picture is the personal property of Jamie and the pic was immediately snatched down off of their site. Tisk Tisk Tisk. My goodness all these naked photos of celebs are popping up everywhere. It's like a new fashion fad I guess it's called less is more...Lmao..none the less Mr. Foxx looks great despite the bad press behind it.

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